Some questions

What easy steps can we take to improve our lifestyle? It is believed that 90% of our health is determined by the environment we create for ourselves- only 10% is down to our genes (Dr. Chatterjee, The Four Pillar Plan).  That’s  great news! What is really empowering about this is that we as individuals can […]

What does the Med Diet look like on a daily basis?

The Mediterranean diet is again on my mind. The latest guidelines (Diabetes UK 2018 and ADA Standards of Care 2018) have shown that it can lower average blood glucose readings (HbA1c) by up to 0.47%, as well as the incidence of cardiovascular events.   So, in a nutshell, what does the Med Diet look like […]

Tips for life with diabetes

Tips for life with diabetes   Whether one lives with diabetes or not, the ‘healthy diet’ notion remains valid for all of us.  This includes choosing nutritious foods such as: fruit and veg wholegrains nuts, seeds, olives and avocado (rich in unsaturated fats) fish, especially the oily type little red meat little processed foods little […]

Features of the mediterranean diet and foods that heal in diabetes

An issue that troubles many of our patients is what foods they can eat “because of diabetes” or “with diabetes”.  We will start by firstly rephrasing this question to foods to eat “for diabetes”.  The difference is subtle, but important because it uses food as a tool in order to ‘work with’ the diabetes, rather […]