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Features of the mediterranean diet and foods that heal in diabetes

An issue that troubles many of our patients is what foods they can eat “because of diabetes” or “with diabetes”.  We will start by firstly rephrasing this question to foods to eat “for diabetes”.  The difference is subtle, but important because it uses food as a tool in order to ‘work with’ the diabetes, rather […]

Combination Thyroxine + T3 treatment in hypothyroidism – ETA guidelines 2012 help prescribing in hypothyroidism

Combination treatment with thyroxine and T3 has always remained controversial and uncommon (particularly the armour treatment) and the reluctance of endocrinologists to prescribe (which is very understandable). The controversy i.e. the paucity of evidence in medical  literature to support T4+T3 treatment – Vs – persistence of symptoms on adequate treatment with thyroxine (despite normal TSH) and reported improvement […]