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Dr. Jesse Kumar, a Consultant Endocrinologist, established CEMED clinics in 2007 with the ethos to provide the best Endocrine (Thyroid, Adrenal, etc), Diabetes and Medical Weight Loss Clinics in Kent & London to offer a truly convenient, modern and patient-centered approach. 'Your Endocrinologist' approach aims to deliver always accessible personalised care for 'endocrine wellness' as a core concept.

Responsive & reliable

The aim of our clinics is to offer a high-quality, seamless patient experience in comfortable surroundings. We believe that complete patient satisfaction is a holistic experience and an important adjunct to the core clinical consultation. Our most important priority is patient care and we strive to continually improve this unique service through your individual feedback.

Modern & innovative

Our clinic locations are light, airy and easily accessible to integrate into your availability (eg: multiple clinic sites and online & telephone consultations). We understand your time is important and we offer convenient clinic locations close to your preference, 24-hour access to electronic medical records by GPs and patients, email support, smart phone compatibility and appointments.

Endocrine Wellness

Specialist Endocrine Care and Wellness in a single Clinic. Eg: All thyroid and radio-iodine therapy, all diabetes care with Insulin Pumps and Medical Weight Loss clinics. Your endocrinologist concept to care for your endocrine needs and optimise your well-being at all times.

Nutrition consultations

We offer internet-based nutrition consultations to help you meet your nutrition goals. Whether these are related to weight adjustment or improving general health, we can help you to set achievable targets and reach them in a realistic manner.

Online podiatry advice

If you have any issues with you feet, we can discuss these through a live internet consultation and if any further action is necessary we can refer you on to the relevant service.

About Dr Jesse Kumar

Dr Jesse Kumar

Endocrine wellness as a concept for optimised health (υγεια).

I am a Consultant Endocrinologist in the United Kingdom with CCT (specialist certification – July 2006) with dual accreditation for Endocrinology, Diabetes, and General Internal Medicine (GMC Specialist Register 4681470). I am also accredited with ARSAC (Administration of Radioactive Medicinal Products) Practitioner ID 525 for Radio-Iodine therapy for benign thyroid conditions (to treat hyperthyroidism and thyroid nodules/goiter).

I was appointed as a Consultant Endocrinologist in 2006 and worked in the following significant posts since: Clinical Director for Acute Medicine, Lead for Diabetes Commissioning and Lead Physician. I am currently the Chair of the Drugs, Therapeutics, and Medicines Management Committee at Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust.

I had my Higher Specialist Training in South Thames Deanery for Diabetes, Endocrinology and General Medicine (Guy’s & St Thomas’ Hospital – London, Kent & Sussex). After my medical graduation in 1995 (India), I had my basic medical rotations in the United Kingdom (West-Midlands, Lancashire, and Wales). Thus, I have a broad experience of medical practice across the socio-economic spectrum and speak 5 languages (English, Greek, Hindi, Urdu and Telugu).  This, I firmly believe adds to my understanding of humanity, humility and empathy in my medical practice.

I have an established interest in research and was the Principle Investigator (PI) and Sub-Investigator (SI) in several worldwide multi-center trials since 2006 both for phase 3 (pre-market) & phase 4 (post-release) trials. This has helped gather extensive insight for my clinical practice, provide numerous publications and presentations in international, national journals and conferences in addition to the pleasure of supervising doctors for their basic and higher medical education (MSc, etc).

My ethos is in providing easily accessible comprehensive care with evidence-based medicine at the core of our consultation in addition to optimal nutrition, exercise and humanities of art as a comprehensive path to health. I am a firm believer in an interface of modern technology with humanities as an adjunct to delivering effective outcomes in clinical care.

I am registered with various professional institutions including MPS, BMA, ETA, etc. I am married, have three children and maintain a keen interest in fitness.


About Lina Kumar

Lina Kumar

I come from a podiatry background, having qualified from Plymouth and Brighton Universities with a BSc (Hons) and MSc (Distinction) in 2001 and 2004 respectively. Since then, I have worked for the NHS and private sector as a podiatrist, with a special interest in wound care in diabetes and other long-term conditions.

In 2016 I qualified as a nutritionist from the Blackford Institute and I have since followed my passion in this field. I am now working towards higher qualifications and I’m passionate about sharing my knowledge with others.   I’m a believer in a balanced dietary regime that is beneficial to the body in the long-term; hence why I advocate the Mediterranean Diet.

Being born and brought up in Cyprus, I had the blessing to be surrounded by fields of fig, citrus, olive, cherry and almond trees, vineyards, as well as an array of home-grown vegetables and herbs. I had the privilege to be able to go into the garden and pick these foods  from the field at full ripeness and have a diet that was based on wholesome and organically-grown food.

Since having moved to the UK in 1998, I have strived to have as healthy a diet as possible for myself and my family, with plentiful of vegetable and fruit intake, olive oil (which mum and dad still make at the olive mill from our own olive trees and bring over to England on their visits), nuts and seeds, fish and little meat.

With the steep rise in diabetes, obesity, heart disease and autoimmune disease, it is in our hands to take control of our health and, along with the other determining factors of longevity, use food as a powerful tool to take control and fend off disease.

Diabetes and endocrine health issues are multifactorial metabolic conditions, which need a multi-faceted approach. This is comprised of medical therapeutics such as nutrition, exercise, motivation and structured education in order to achieve optimal outcomes for prevention and cure.

Recognising early on in my career that being truly healthy from the inside out requires deliberate and consistent effort, I decided to add a targeted aspect of nutrition to my clinical approach.  For example, the mediterranean diet in diabetes, iodine replete state in thyroid, calorie deficit in weight loss, current concepts of intermittent fasting etc.  My main interests in the field of nutrition are: the gut-brain axis, optimal nutrition for fitness and the reversal or improvement of long-term lifestyle diseases (nutriepigenetics).

In this blog, we will explore the power that lies in naturally-occurring foods and how we can use them to optimise our health, based on what issues we experience.

We cover many aspects of food and nutrition, with a focus on the key ingredients of the Mediterranean diet, which is evidence-based again and again for its benefits.

Happy reading and please get in touch with your comments or questions- we love questions!

Rarely we may reschedule your appointment at short notice to accommodate medical emergencies. We will try our best to suit your schedule.

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